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iENSO is a place for people who are addicted to the challenge. Well, there’s no short supply of that here. You’ll be challenged by new problems every single day. You’ll be challenged by a high performing team and, most of all, you’ll be challenging yourself to learn something new every time you walk into the office. The best way to think of iENSO is to imagine working on a university project with a bunch of your pals – it’s a trifecta of ultimate chemistry, ultimate trust, and ultimate productivity. 

But make no mistake, you don’t come to iENSO to mess around, you need to be on your ‘A’ game because you’re going to be addressing problems that most people haven’t even run into yet. A company’s brand is more than the logo; it’s the people who work behind it. Join iENSO and follow your vision. 

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Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer
  • Richmond Hill, Canada

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“If someone loves problem solving, this is the place to be” Everything is new and changing all the time, so you can’t lean on old knowledge, you must be nimble.”

Puneet Randhawa
Senior Embedded Developer and Cloud Architect

“We use many industry-standard modern tools and we have the freedom to make big executive decisions for projects because we are a small team and there is that trust.”

Fernand Boudreau
Software Manager

“iENSO is uniquely positioned in a niche field that is starting to gain serious attention from the mainstream which is opening tons of new opportunities to do big things.”

Canus Liu
Senior Embedded Software Developer


20 Mural Street, Unit 7, Richmond Hill, Ontario

iENSO Inc. Head Office

iENSO head office in Richmond Hill, Canada.